To be such a small word, love is our most powerful emotion. It can’t be seen, smelled or even touched. But love is felt through the deepest depths of soul. Love is real. It is an action word. It makes the flowers grow, birds sing and hearts flutter. Nothing can compare.


Capturing the true essence of this permeating passion within his heartfelt harmonies is sensual soul singer GregR&B. Fanning the flames of amorous affection, GregR&B croons with a caressing cadence that cradles to the core. With soul-stirring singles such as “Searching For Love,” “Special One,” “Cuddle Moves” and his latest release “Badd Baby,” GregR&B ravishes relentless rhythms of ergonomic emotion on his latest album Love Again Reloaded.


“My music is a mixture older soul, R&B with a newer twist but not deviating or compromising from a good sound,” Greg describes. “Nowadays, the lyrics in R&B don’t sing about love as they used to. My brand and my music are inspired by true passion and love.”


Greg’s first love was for his family. Born the second oldest of four children in Rochester, NY and raised in a God-fearing household filled with music, Greg’s parents were both staunch Christians and devout ministers. It was his love for music that he inherited from his parents. When he was about seven, he found his mother’s tapes from her sermons. Without thinking, he recorded himself singing over the tape. 


When she happened on the tape and heard her little boy singing, “She started crying,” Greg divulges. “She couldn’t believe that I was able to sing that good at such a young age. That was the worst thing that could’ve happened because now I have to sing at all the churches.”


Greg didn’t want to sing because he was so shy, but she made him sing anyway. “I got a bunch of whoopings because she had to make me sing,” he laughs.


That shyness went away a few years later when his mother wrote some rap songs for Greg, his brother and two neighborhood kids. She took them to the studio to record and had custom clothes made for the group. They would perform in talent shows, on sidewalks and anywhere they could get an audience. 


His world came crashing down, however, at 11 years old when his parents divorced. His father continued with the ministry, but his mother went totally in the opposite direction. “She had backslid and took a turn all the way for the worst,” Greg recalls. “She was in the streets back in the 90s, when drugs were plentiful and it was violent. We had to be hid out from multiple shootouts with people.”


His mother was introduced to the streets from her family. A close cousin to slain rapper Tupac Shakur, Greg’s family has heavy ties to the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army. In fact, freedom fighter Freddie Hilton (a.k.a. Kamau Sadiki) is Greg’s maternal grandmother’s sister’s son, making Sadiki Greg’s second cousin and his mother’s first cousin.


Sadiki is now serving life without parole for allegedly killing an Atlanta police officer back in 1971. He evaded the law for three decades and was captured in New York in 2002.


“They told him that if he snitch on Assata Shakur (mother of one of Kamau's daughters and Tupac’s aunt who is still wanted for the 1973 murder of a New Jersey State Trooper) and get her to come back from Cuba, they’ll set him free,” Greg details. “He didn’t do it and serving a life sentence in prison right now.”


For all of the righteousness, self-love and empowerment that Greg’s mother learned from her family, she also learned how to make fast money, which eventually earned her a 13-year prison sentence. During her incarceration, the children were split up. Greg and his younger brother went to go live with their dad, who had relocated to New Orleans. The other two siblings from his mother’s other relationships lived with other relatives.


Greg returned to New York after his mother got released from prison, and she began pursuing and performing music as well. Greg was writing songs for her and helping out in the studio. But behind her back, he was becoming involved in the street life and landed in juvenile detention at 13. 


When his illegal activities got too much for her to tolerate, she again sent Greg to live with his father, who had moved to Fort Pierce, Fla. Greg was 17. There in the Sunshine State, Greg revisited his love for music. He began recording himself as a hobby, promoting local shows, promoting radio and managing local artists. 


He eventually relocated to Atlanta and launched his own label Hits On Fye, Inc. and began dropping music to almost-instant acclaim. In less than two years, he has become a heart-throbbing Internet sensation via his cinematic music videos for steamy singles such as “Searching For Love,” “Special One,” “Cuddle Moves” and his latest release “Badd Baby.”

And with the release of his latest album Love Again Reloaded, GregR&B taps into our most intimate desires. A star on the rise, his music appeals to the lover in us all. “My music conveys a certain feeling that we all need,” GregR&B contends. “I connect with my own personal emotions in my music, and because the music so honest, other people feel the love that I convey.”




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